We can act for clients in the management of their financial affairs as financial solicitors. Members of the firm can be appointed as Attorneys or can apply to the Office of the Public Guardian to be appointed as Deputies where necessary.

If you or your relative resides in a residential home we can assist with:-

  • Arranging for the monthly fees to be paid from your bank accounts.
  • Arranging rental of your property so that the rent can be used towards the payment of care fees.
  • Applying for all additional benefits to which you are entitled.
  • Selling your house if this is necessary.
  • Arranging a sale of shares and other investments.
  • Advising you and your spouse how joint assets and private pensions should be divided between you.
  • Making sure that if you are entitled to assistance with your care fees an application is made for your care fees to be funded.

When acting as Attorneys or Deputies, we can ensure that finances are correctly managed.

Any necessary accounts will be prepared as required by the Office of the Public Guardian and tax returns completed as necessary.

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