Equity release allows those aged 55 and over to release money from the property they own without having to make any monthly repayments.  

Equity release products are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).  Therefore, any organisation that you deal with must also be regulated by the FCA in order to offer such products are given financial advice in respect of the same.

Equity release is not suitable for all persons and so, if you are considering using an equity release product, you should take independent financial advice from a fully qualified professional who is experienced in equity release products.

Once you have taken independent financial advice and have chosen your equity release product, Leeds Day are able to provide independent legal advice on the legal terms and conditions of your lifetime mortgage (please note, we do not deal with home reversion plans).

We have helped hundreds of clients over the years with lifetime mortgages from a range of different lender.  We provide a friendly yet professional service.  We ensure that sufficient time is afforded to you and that the full nature and effect of a lifetime mortgage and the particular terms of the lifetime mortgage you have chosen, have been explained to and understood by you.

We charge a fixed fee for our advice.

If you wish to contact us, you can call us on our main switchboard number 0844 567 2222 or email us at equityrelease@leedsday.co.uk and ask to speak to one of our solicitors.  

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