Employment tribunal, example templates (range of costs):

  • Our pricing for bringing and defending claims for unfair or wrongful dismissal.
  • You can expect a simple case to cost between £6,000 - £7,500 (excluding VAT).
  • A more complex case between £7,500 - £9,000 (excluding VAT)
  • A high complexity case can cost significantly in excess of £10,000 (excluding VAT)

Factors that could made a case more complex

  • Amending claims or responses or providing or asking for further particulars
  • Defending a claim brought by a litigant in person
  • Complex additional or preliminary issues e.g. allegations of discrimination, whistleblowing, TUPE etc
  • The volume and order of documentation to be reviewed
  • The number of potential witnesses

There will be an additional charge for attending a tribunal hearing (based on our standard hourly rate (£215 plus VAT per hour) or that of a barrister if it is decided this is the most prudent way forward).

The fees set out above involve:

  • Taking initial instructions and reviewing the papers together with advising you on the merits and likely compensation
  • Entering into pre-claim ACAS conciliation
  • Preparing claim or response
  • Reviewing and advising on the claim or response of the other party
  • Exploring settlement
  • Preparing or considering a schedule of loss
  • Preparing for and attending a preliminary hearing
  • Exchanging documents with the other party and agreeing a bundle of documents
  • Taking witness statements
  • Agreeing a list of issues and chronology of events
  • Preparing and attending the final hearing

These stages are only an indication.

If settlement is reached before the hearing then your case and associated costs will be reduced. If the claim proceeds to a final hearing your case is likely to take 6-12 months depending on the tribunal waiting lists.

This is just an estimate and we will of course be able to give you a more accurate indication of costs and timescales when we understand the details of your issue.

Who will carry out my work?

Your matter will be carried out by a member of the employment team who will be a qualified solicitor. The supervising Partner will be Christopher Dodd.

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