Our focus

Employment laws are becoming more complex and changes are implemented on a regular basis. There is more and more legislation that affords you certain rights during your employment and not just arising from a dismissal. At Leeds Day we understand that employment problems can cause great stress and worry and we will work with you by providing advice and assistance to guide you through your employment problem so that the matter can be resolved in the best possible way. This could include progressing through your employers internal procedures or, if necessary taking the matter to an employment tribunal.

Our expertise

We can offer you advice, guidance and support on matters that may arise during your employment including:

  • The recruitment process
  • offers of employment or engagement
  • employment contracts, director’s service agreements, employee handbooks and contract variations
  • grievance, disciplinary, capability and sickness absence procedures
  • termination of employment including notice, garden leave and post-termination restrictive covenants (for example non-solicitation, non- dealing and non- compete clauses).

We can provide you with information which will enable you to take decisive effective action to protect yourself and your livelihood.

We can also advise you on any disputes that may arise with your employer including :

  • breach of contract
  • unfair dismissal
  • sex, race and disability discrimination
  • unlawful deductions from wages
  • whistleblowing
  • redundancy and reorganisations
  • allegations of breach of post-termination restrictive covenants.

In the event that a dispute with your employer cannot be resolved we can advise you on the terms of and negotiate for you a Settlement Agreement.

For more information or to arrange an initial fixed fee appointment, please contact Rebecca Ryan on 01480 442040 or email rebecca.ryan@leedsday.co.uk 

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