Changes to unpaid parental leave

Changes to unpaid parental leave from 5th April 2015

Parental leave is a form of statutory unpaid leave available to some working parents who have, or expect to have, parental responsibility for child, in addition to statutory maternity, paternity, adoption leave and shared parental leave.

This entitlement allows an employee to take 18 weeks' leave per child. Therefore an employee with two children would be entitled to 36 weeks' leave in total.

Currently parental leave can be taken at any time before a child' 5th birthday, or before the 5th anniversary of the date of placement in the case of an adopted child, or before the child's 18th birthday in the case of a child entitled to a disability living allowance.

However from the 5th April 2015 the age of a child up to which unpaid parental leave may be taken will increase from the child's 5th birthday up to the child's 18th birthday.

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